About FETScom

The New LegTexture is FETS.com’s Daily Pantyhose and CosPlay blog, launched in March 2010.

LegTexture features weekly new and original photos, taking requests along the way. We deliver daily news, pics and other pantyhose and CosPlay-related enteratinment here. We feature professional & teen models in pantyhose, uniforms and lycra spandex, with a focus on hosiery upskirts and feet, in high very detail.

About FETS.com

Photography isn’t an Art, its a craft. Some craftsman are better than others, some more concerned with money. And sexy photos of models in pantyhose or uniforms are meant to entertain you; its not about saving lives or getting rich, simply making people happy.

FETS is not an Only-Addict! I don’t know why you would want to fit everything you will ever look at into any single pigeon-hole. I can’t tell you what you will see next year at FETS.com because we work on what’s hot this year.

I don’t think you can doubt FETS.com credit as major pantyhose photo distributor. A lot of it is my photowork, but there are many other photographers featured here, after 13 years and around 200 models. But there are so many themes and elements you can and should enjoy, we feel one thing will not always define you.

We are here you entertain you with what interests you. We expect you to grow, sometimes go away and come back. And when you subscribe to FETS.com, you get access to over 1000 sets to-date and fund the production of what comes next.

We hope you will join us in FETSforum and here at LegTexture, our daily pantyhose news blog,  for free. And we hope you will buy some of your entertainment from us so we can keep making more (’cause there is always more we can be doing).

Subscribe to FETS.com and shape what other sites will eventually copy… once they think there is money in it, of course! Don’t get me wrong, we do love when they spend a lot of money thinking our fetishes are profitable– they aren’t, the medium is its own reward.

J. D. Reid
FETS.com Owner/Operator

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