FETSceleb: Emma Watson in Pantyhose & Tights

Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter film series, in skirts, pantyhose and tights with heels. (48 pics)

Emma, seen here in a variety of locations, wearing black and nude pantyhose (well, more often tights). I’m still retraining myself to see Hermione as a woman now; thank you Ms. Watson, the pantyhose upskirts will help!

Now will somebody in Hollywood please cast her beyond children’s movies, for god’s sake! Maybe a Manhattan dramady, with a hosiery wardobe budget rivaling The Devil Wears Prada. Look for scripts serious enough to consider nudity… What’s Robert Altman doing..? I bet he would have Ms. Watson wandering around topless in tights for drawn-out scenes.

Emma Watson Pantyhose Lingerie & Boots Hermione Granger in School Uniform Kneeling in Tights
Emma as Hermione Granger in school uniform and tights Emma Watson Hermione Granger School Uniform Pantyhose Hermione in Uniform and Tights Emma Watson Upskirt Emma Watson Upskirt emma watson upskirts Emma Watson in black pantyhose

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  1. J.D. Reid on March 22, 2010 at 3:22 am


    If you don’t like the current way the images open in-screen, “Open in New Tab (or Window)” will display the full-size image.

    Also “Save Image as” while open in-screen WILL give you a local copy of the full-size image. “Save Target as” once right-clicking on any thumbnail is a fast route to a full-size local copy.

    Please Enjoy!

  2. xmsbby on June 4, 2010 at 11:16 am

    Emma is beautiful.

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