FETSceleb: Megan Fox in Tights & Nylons

Megan Fox, star of Jennifer’s Body & Transformers, in pantyhose and stockings. (50 pics)

Megan is an actress we have watched go from never wearing pantyhose (save a taste for fishnet tights), to the occasional lycra leggings, before finally reaching the pantyhose stage we love so much around here.

Little known fact– Ms. Fox is afflicted with Bradbury Illustratia Syndrome: the longer you stare at her, the more tattoos she will appear to have. A tragic condition for a beautiful girl, it affects many, many models in Adult. But I’m sure you’ve noticed that…

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One Response to “ FETSceleb: Megan Fox in Tights & Nylons ”

  1. Rocco on May 9, 2011 at 2:50 am

    I can’t even believe how great she looks in those sheer nude pantyhose and that white dress. Her legs are just sheer perfection. I really don’t have words for how hot and elegant she looks. Her legs are just flawless. I am trying to be a gentleman and not type how full of lust I am from looking at Megan Fox wearing pantyhose. Those pics of her feet in ultra sheer white pantyhose are enough to drive me mad with lust and desire for her. I am now a complete and total fan of Megan Fox and I am completely and hopelessly in love with her. LOL. True though.

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