FETStube: Naomi’s Pantyhose Disaster Film

Naomi in short kilt wearing red net tights over white pantyhose, changing to black StW pantyhose and flats. Raw & uncut; that is the perfect nutshell for this pantyhose disaster film of LegTexture Photo Set #928 (surprisingly, isn’t too bad in photo). This installment of FETStube chronicles my 4th or 5th failed attempt to integrate stable video production into pantyhose upskirt photo work. Its just some kinda curse…

I’ll tell you now, the starting point for this video should be at least 13 minutes in– and that’s if it has any erotically-redeeming value whatsoever! Our cameraman here has taken pooch-screwing to …unimaginable heights. And the damn Jack-Russling throughout still haunt me. I could go on and on about all the problems here (including pantyhose too small!) and that would just cover the duration on the filming. Post-production went worse…

Ultimately, the editing of this HD pantyhose video has proven impossible for me; the source file is 7 corrupt gigs and just chopped info at the end. On and off over the last couple of years I’ve thrown a laundry list of programs and PCs at reducing this meandering 48 minute Cloverfield of boredom into… anything other than abandoned real estate on my drive.

So this week I decided to make it a LegTexture Feature Failure. It took over 26 hours to jam the raw footage down Megavideo’s gullet– 16+ hours of uploading and another 10-ish for them to convert into… well, what you see below.

It’s ironic, because I really do shoot a decent personal-use pantyhose sex video. It has been every attempt to develop a commercially viable fetish video product that ends up an epic disaster fantasy.

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2 Responses to “ FETStube: Naomi’s Pantyhose Disaster Film ”

  1. CC on April 14, 2010 at 7:51 pm

    Love those legs. Love those white pantyhose on her and watching her put on the black ones….Wow!

  2. Tony on May 2, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    Naomi is the most beautiful, feminine, sexy, enchanting woman on this site. Where has she gone? It’s been a while since she posed. Bring Naomi back. She does excellent work!

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