LegTexture: Faye in Opaque Stockings

Faye in Opaqque White Stockings

If you like natural red-heads, white stockings or seeing a leg model doing naughty things to herself, then this set is a very good one…

But if you like more than one of those things I mentioned..? Oh, you are going to have a great night with Faye this time around!

Subscribers can look forward to 125 nylons photos, followed by a 1280×720 video with just stockings and toy-play.

Since this is the first X-rated set featured at LegTexture, I wanted to explain the rating system at FETS.com: there isn’t one, its up to the model to decide what she’s comfortable with. (If she is happy, then we will be with the pics.)

Sets are usually R-rated, as that is the average model’s comfort zone. Occasionally, we hire for non-nude themes. And some girls, like our stocking-sex queen Faye here, are very comfortable showing off!

The main thing is this: over 1000 dong-free sets! When it comes to the male body, nothing interests us more than our own, and nothing interests us less than some other dude’s junk. So yes; FETS offers sex these days, just not with some guy calling himself Clay Brick.

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  1. Tony on March 31, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    I love Faye! My second fav next to Naomi. I love her freckles, her hair, and her sexy little feet and legs. Nice work Faye. Just once I would like to meet and hit it off with a woman like Faye or Naomi.

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